useful site Protecting Your Family – Life Insurance With the right Life Insurance, you can protect your family from suffering financially in the event of your death or the diagnosis of a terminal illness.

If you die whilst covered by a life insurance policy, your surviving family members, or anyone else you choose, are paid a one off lump sum.

This money can help to:

• Pay off the mortgage

• Provide funds for your spouse to invest and generate an ongoing income to support your family’s living expenses

• Provide funds for your children’s schooling and further education.

• Cover immediate bills

Your MBS adviser can help you to work through how much life insurance will be needed for your family to meet any debts and have a continuing income.

A life insurance policy can be established personally, or through your business as site de rencontre seniors algerie Ownership Protection. Depending on your circumstances, a policy can be established independently of your super, or tax-effectively, as part of your super.

here  Ask an MBS adviser about protecting your family with Life Insurance

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“Males and Females aged between 30 and 64 who suffer a critical condition have between 82% to 92% chance of survival.”
Marius Barnard, Heart Surgeon