MBS Insurance Claims

MBS has always believed that our most significant contribution comes at claim time. Our core business philosophy is to provide better outcomes and at no time is this more important than when a claim arises. It is often a time of significant stress for clients and their families, and we pride ourselves on supporting, simplifying and expediting the claims process, whilst leveraging our relationships to ensure the right outcome.

MBS Insurance Claims Process

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Contact MBS


Contact MBS Insurance as soon as possible upon diagnosis, illness or accident even if you’re not sure whether you can claim or not.

Claim Initiated Icon

Claim Initiated


MBS Insurance will initiate the claims process with your insurer. We will be your advocate.

Receive Claim Forms Icon

Receive Claim Forms


MBS Insurance will send you all relevant forms and information required by your insurer to complete your claim.

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Return Claim Forms


Once completed, return all relevant forms and information to MBS Insurance.

Accountability. The best possible outcome



MBS Insurance will liaise with your insurer to assist in our endeavour to achieve the best possible outcome.

Client Outcomes

Client Outcomes

Life Insurance Icon

Life Insurance claims have represented 9% of all claims and 23% of all claim proceeds.

TPD Insurance Icon

TPD Insurance has not been as regularly claimed upon as the other advised products however it has still made up 8.5% of all claim dollars paid.

Trauma Insurance Icon

Trauma/Critical Illness Insurance has become more prominent over the past decade and the claim outcomes represent this appropriately. 32% of all claims have been the outcome of a diagnosed defined critical illness and 42% of all claim proceeds paid to clients of our group.

Income Protection Insurance Icon

Income Protection Insurance is the most commonly claimed product representing more than half of all claims since inception and over a quarter of all dollars received.

Claims data as at 1 July 2020.