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With a National presence, we provide personal insurance advice, portfolio management and ongoing claims support at a time of need. Our speciality remains providing professional Life, TPD, Trauma, Income Protection, Key Person, Buy/Sell (Ownership) and Group Insurance.

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What can MBS Insurance offer?

Specialised knowledge and expertise

Offices nationwide

Access to premiums at below market rates

A unique pricing structure not available to other brokers

Preferential underwriting and claims assessments

Dedicated claims, administration and portfolio review teams

Comprehensive insurance audits

Which Clients Need a Policy Review

MBS Insurance which clients need a policy review

How to Raise Risk Insurance with your Clients

Like a GP refers to a specialist, refer your clients to MBS Insurance for specialist risk advice. Let us tailor a solution to provide the appropriate cover, in the right structure and for the best price.


We recognise that you are best placed to identify the need, and refer your client to an MBS adviser, providing the client with the ability to make an informed decision regarding their financial security.

The Need to Review Existing Policies

When to Review

Any client who:

has existing insurances (inside or outside super)

had a child or had one become a dependant

had a member of the family or someone else become a dependant (i.e. they are now a carer)

had an increase in income

discharged their mortgage or other significant debts

purchased a property or business

increased their liabilities

separated or divorced

changed jobs, re-started work, stopped work or reduced work hours

gave up smoking

suffered a health issue which could be an insurance claim

Why Clients Need a Policy Review

MBS Insurance the need to review

Business Insurance

Business Succession Planning Icon

Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance (also known as ‘key man insurance’) is designed to protect businesses in the event that a key person, such as a partner or director, dies or becomes unable to work. Small businesses tend to be particularly dependent upon one or two key employees. The insurance is taken out by the business on the key persons, with premiums generally paid for by the company and tax deductible.


This strategy extends to businesses where a husband and wife are in business together. If something happened to the one who is actively running the business, could their spouse step in and run everything?

Business Buy / Sell Insurance Icon

Buy/Sell Insurance

MBS Insurance can assist with the inception of your business buy/sell insurance. Should a shareholder suffer death or disablement, rather than their spouse or family members taking over the ownership, the insurer will pay out to the shareholder/family their fair value. This provides certainty and financial security for the family. At the same time, the other shareholder(s) can continue in the business with reduced disruption.

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