Our Solution for Wealth Firms

The MBS group has been built on a foundation of delivering our solution to leading wealth management and accounting firms. Since our inception in 2006, we have operated in the knowledge that our management of their clients’ life insurance policies reflects on their broader offering. We always operate in a manner that is protective of their clients, their reputation and their brand. This awareness has guided our culture, our operational capabilities and our advice expertise, and we pride ourselves on our client service.


We have never deviated from remaining Life Insurance (only) specialists, and our established and successful joint ventures with wealth management and accounting firms, ensures that this remains our focus.


MBS joint venture partners benefit from our commitment to professionalism, focus on client experience, insurer relationships, and complete offering.

Full License Management (MBS Advice Licence) / PI Insurance

Expert team of risk Advisers

Internal Advice Compliance Team

A dedicated team of experienced Paraplanners and Client Service Managers

Professional client portfolio management

Comprehensive policy reviews by our Portfolio Management Team

On-going claims management support

Exclusive MBS discounts applied to clients of our joint venture partners

Salesforce client management system and sophisticated client reporting

Client Experience

Many clients have established life insurance portfolios via traditional retail insurance advice or untailored superannuation fund offerings. A process often viewed as unsophisticated, not up to modern day professional standards and frankly an experience that they would not wish to repeat.


We have invested in technology, operational infrastructure, and relationships to elevate the quality of advice and client experience. Personal advice, bespoke product offers, ongoing portfolio reviews, claims management, accountability and ease of client experience are prioritised. We have made substantial investment in our Salesforce platform, advice compliance team, paraplanners, client service managers and portfolio management team.

Our Presence

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